Photog by Peter Vidani
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How Out of Touch We Are…

Anyone looking for an example of how out of touch the “business” of politics is with solving American problems, need look no further than the political responses to both the ACA Supreme Court Decision and the contempt of Congress vote against Attorney General Holder.  

Mainstream Republican response and punditry has largely focused on the need to elect Romney and how this will coalesce his base of support.  The simple fact is, that if you want to change the law, you have to change the Congress, and yet, the GOP seems content to use this as a tool to attempt to elect a President.  Curious.  

Not that the Democrats are doing much better…about this contempt of Congress vote…the House Minority leader had this to say:  ”These very same people holding [the Attorney General] in contempt, are part of a nationwide scheme to suppress a vote.  They are closely aligned with those who are suppressing the system, special interests, secret money, and they are poisoning the debate.”

Uh…what?  Does anyone have a tinfoil hat I can borrow?